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Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased that feedback as well.

1 Week Ago
"Michelle is the best. She is patient, caring and good at her job. Michelle made me feel like I have known her forever. I would recommend anyone that need a storage."
- Letitia Broughton
2 Months Ago
"I never had to use a storage center before so when I needed space for our ministry and for my personal belongings I chose some place close to home. Miss Michelle is amazing, she cares, she sees her customers as part of her community. She treats you with care and compassion. She makes the difference. Ms. Carmen is efficient, and her customer service is exceptional. I have to say thank you over and over. Ms. Michelle sees me as a person not a payment."
- Pastor Donna Hubbard
3 Months Ago
"Michelle was sooooo NICE and helpful. She gave me accurate information and was very patient with all of my questions. I'll be moving here soon and using UC STORAGE! Thank you Michelle"
- Johanna Evans
3 Months Ago
"Michelle is amazing. Very helpful and willing to assist with all your needs."
- sasha stanley
4 Months Ago
"Class act. I needed a storage location for 6 months when I arrived from NJ as I waited for my place to be ready. And Carmen and Michelle were beyond helpful. I would definitely recommend the location. Thank you ladies."
- Wade Woodson
5 Months Ago
"Best Storage Facility in the area. HANDS DOWN! Great management, Michelle was the best, she literally answered every question I could think of!"
- Terrion Smith - McCarty
5 Months Ago
"Ms. Michelle Bryant was extremely helpful and friendly. Her level of service was excellent and welcoming. I was extremely pleased with her commitment to ensuring my fears of securing my possessions. Her professionalism, knowledge, and time spent making me feel secure."
- James H.
6 Months Ago
"Great management and great customer service!! The storage facility is very clean!"
- Nina Rucker
6 Months Ago
"Michelle and Carmen are wonderful! Excellent customer service! These ladies go above and beyond! Thank you sooo much for the great service!"
- Lisa Foster
7 Months Ago
"Very clean facility, professional and the manager is very courteous and kind."
- Patricia Latimer